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By Icon_Brat101



Rosalyn POV

“Rosalyn, you worthless pathetic excuse of a child, I can’t believe you came from my womb, why can’t you do anything right?
I told you, better make sure dinner is ready by the time I take my bath and get back down the stairs”

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rosalyn Parker, I’m a werewolf and the mother of a beautiful amazing 17-year-old boy.
My life was never the best……who am I kidding?
it was horrible, my mother abused me verbally and my brother and father acted like I didn’t exist.
I always wondered why my mother hated me, since the day I was born she always treated me like an outsider,
to the point where I thought I was adopted and she was tired of taking care of someone else’s child.
That would explain why she treated me that way, but my theory was tested and proven wrong and I was left wondering.
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The Alpha’s Rejected Heir Chapter 1 – 6

The Alpha’s Rejected Heir Chapter 7 – 11

The Alpha’s Rejected Heir Chapter 12 – 28

The Alpha’s Rejected Heir Chapter 29 – 31

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