The Charismatic Charlie Wade (The Amazing Son-In-Law/Hero of Hearts) Chinese Novel – Read/Download PDF



  1. when this novel is about to end? because i cannot wait for the ending, and also, I wonder, what kind of ending for this novel?

    1. It might be because the rights are reserved by good novel. They went to court to have cease and desist orders on anybody uploading the chapters. You can search on Google there is still a site or two that is still releasing it.

  2. Why the author is changing the name of the people if changing please put their name at bracket near to new name.

  3. Please dont change character’s name. And also please change the font as the last few chapters, the font are getting too small till so hard to read.

  4. Writer should make Charlie and Claire divorced their relationship is not progressing and nor they have consumed their marriage this plot is hole of the story for mee

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