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Return To Power Novel is a Chinese novel that has been translated into English. It has also been popularized by some English translation apps.

With a working browser it should be easy to access. Visit Myfinder and read for free. Click on the chapters you wish to read online. You can also download for offline convenience.


Upon living for 5000 years, he had witnessed the great battle between Alexander and Moros, Asclepius sampling all herbs, and Cassander harnessing nature to prevent floods. He had witnessed the rise and fall of numerous grand empires. Through the ages past, he persisted just like a traveller, outside looking in. Once again returned to the present, he remained the discriminated son-in-law. The mother-in-law and sister-in-law despised him, while the stunning wife only gave him the cold shoulder. With his return, his destiny will never be the same as before. Possessing 5000 years of heritage, he was the man with unparalleled knowledge, perfect mastery of all arts, and unsurpassed by another human by any standards.


Return To Power Chapter 1 – 50

Return To Power Chapter 51 – 100

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