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Super Rich Man Novel is a novel written by Kiang. It is an interesting story. It is centered around a rich man.

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Too Naive
“Leon, you’re just nothing!”
“What makes you think a delivery boy like you deserves to date my beautiful daughter Winny?”


A birthday party was going on in the Sheraton Hotel in the middle of Oregon.
A woman with short and slick hair stared at Leon with hatred.
Her name is Melanie, mother to Leon’s girlfriend.

Super Rich Man by kiang
Melanie took the beautifully wrapped gift on the table and hit Leon’s head with it.

A real crystal bracelet by Givenchy inside the box fell out and shattered into pieces. Leon had spent a year’s worth of his salary to get the gift!
While Winny, Leon’s tall and beautiful girlfriend, stayed quiet and looked at Leon cynically.
“Just so you know, Winny was accepted at the province’s best university. She is the only one to make it to a master’s degree out of the whole school.
You better give up while it’s not too late yet!”


Super Rich Man Chapter 1 – 5

Super Rich Man Chapter 6 – 10

Super Rich Man Chapter 11 – 15

Super Rich Man Chapter 16 – 20

Super Rich Man Chapter 21 – 50

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