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Lyla’s POV

“Did your a** suddenly grow bigger?” Pearl’s sickening voice made me turn back and glared at her.
The girl is everything extra, if possible she can be nicknamed Fifty shades of Extra.

I’ve been friends with Pearl and her twin sister for years now, we’re basically sisters from different parents and luckily enough for me,
I’m more like Pearl while Aurora, her twin sister is quite an opposite of us both.

We were currently on our way down to the shopping mall to get her some dresses
for the date she has with Lucas tomorrow while I get some extra dresses for myself as well.
We can’t really say, Prince Charming might walk in any money and sweep me off my feet.

“Are you wearing an artificial bum right now?
Your a** seems bigger than the last time I saw it” She exclaimed, trying to make me think she’s really surprised.
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