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by Dizzy Izzy


Werewolf’s Heartsong is a Chinese novel translated and popularized by some English translation apps for readers and novel lovers alike to enjoy by reading it online. Perhaps you may decide to download it that option is available.

Werewolf’s Heartsong is an extraordinary novel which story were uniquely written.

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Beep ,beep, beep, beep….

The screeching of my alarm clock is the first thing I wake up to, I hated that alarm clock.
I really should get a radio alarm, anything was better than an alarm clock that makes me think of the fryers at work.

Goddess I hated working in fast food. But fast food is all I can get within a thirty minute walking distance of home.
I can usually get the commute down to fifteen minutes riding my bike. I don’t have a car, like my older sister did, she has already wrecked two cars and was now on her third.
My parents spoil her, I hate that they treat us so differently.

Unfortunately for me, I’m truly both my mother and father’s child. I even had it tested. I’d done it because I didn’t look like either of them at all.
I was born with violet, almost indigo colored, eyes. I had black hair so dark a blue hue shines when light hits it. Then there was my skin, it was a copper olive tone.

I’m Alora. The wolves of my Clan, for the many generations now, have been born pale with blond hair and blue eyes.
Both of my parents Clans have deliberately bred out any dark features.

But there had to have been someone, from one side or the other, who had to have passed on the genetics for my coloring.
The DNA test I’d had done… found that I’m related to one of the seven original werewolf bloodlines of our pack.

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