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Synopsis The CEO’s Betrayal: My Ex-lover Has Triplets By Natie

“Take this and leave the company.”

Tessa Hilton stirred in her sleep and picked up the piece of paper that was unceremoniously thrown on her face.


“What is this?”

She mumbled as she squinted her eyes to read the content but they were yet to adjust to the light in the room. After a long night of passionate lovemaking, she felt weak and tired. She just wanted to rest and sleep in.

No answer came from the man who sauntered around the room with nothing but a towel hanging low on his hips.

It appeared he had just come from the bathroom as his body still had beads of water that were trickling down his well-defined chest, sliding down his Apollo’s belt and disappearing into the towel.

Tessa bit her lip and felt hot again when she saw this. How could she get so lucky to have such a good-looking man as her… eh… sneaky link? The man had never really put a label on their relationship so she had no idea what to call him.

He had medium dark brown hair and a neatly boxed beard that gave him that manly vibe. His hair was usually styled neatly but right now, it was wet and fell over his forehead messily, making him look more handsome.

He had mesmerising cerulean blue eyes that were like whirlpools that could suck you in. They seemed magical. Whenever he looked into her eyes, it was as if he could see through her soul.

The man was none other than Aaron Wentworth, the CEO of the Wentworth group. He was Tessa’s boss and she was his senior assistant but secretly, they were lovers, sneakily linking up when no one was looking.

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