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Watch Out, CEO Daddy! is an outstanding novel with a powerful story that will keep you up all the night in a highly entertaining way. Watch Out, CEO Daddy! is well-written and curated. Enjoy your read my friend.

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“This is utterly shameful and disgusting…” The wedding that was supposed to be romantic turned out to be a disaster.
Accompanied by everyone’s gossip, Sharon raised her head to look at the giant screen. A few pictures that had been enlarged were being displayed.
The main female character in the pictures was her, and the man on the bed with her was not the
bridegroom, Howard Zachary!
At that moment, Sharon was stunned. ‘What’s going on? Why is there such a picture?’
The way the pictures of herself and the man on the bed had been taken made it so that her face at
different angles was revealed while only the back and side view of the man could be seen.
She was certain that she did not know who that man was!
Subconsciously, Sharon looked at Howard. Howard stared at her. Additionally, his face darkened as his eyes began to gleam with rage.
“Woman! How dare you betray me!
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Watch Out, CEO Daddy! Chapter 1 – 85

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