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Mr Denver is a very interesting romantic novel, one every true romantic person would love to read. It is warming, beautifully written plots and characters and as a result makes Mr Denver a novel recommended for you to read and download online if you wish to.

Mr Denver is very easy to access provided you have a working internet browser. 

This is a thrilling and brilliant story by Beyondlocks, with a strong character in Dakota Lennix. Characters are definitely one of the strong point of a novel and Dakota Lennix has ultimately and precisely emphasized that in this story.


It does take a while to unravel them in the beginning but read carefully and persevere, it’s definitely worth it. A lot of it is predictable but it doesn’t detract from the story at all, since it’s written with humor, entertaining situations and terrific characters.


Dakota Lennix

I ran towards the bus stop with my 7 cm high heels, 2 duffel bags and 2 cups of latte. My heart dropped when the bus just left and I looked around to see an empty taxi because I only have 18 minutes left before the devil himself leaves the office to go to a meeting.



The office is 12 blocks away and it will take me around 20 minutes to arrive there if I’m running my a** there. But I can’t run again, this 2 bags are so heavy and I bet I will spill the latte everywhere. I gulped nervously and looked for an empty taxi. I tried to wave my hand trying to get a taxi.

“You! Brunette with 2 duffel bags! Hop in!” I turned to see a taxi driver waving at me. I quickly ran towards him and got inside.

“Denver office please.. 6 blocks away.. please.. be fast.. or my boss will kill me.” I said completely knocked out.

“Roger that!” The taxi driver said as he stepped on the gas. I checked my phone right away to see if the devil needs anything else. I smiled when I saw…

Mr Denver Chapter 1 – 5

Mr Denver Chapter 6 – 10

Mr Denver Chapter 11 – 15

Mr Denver Chapter 16 – 20

Mr Denver Chapter 21 – 33

Mr Denver Chapter 34 – 40


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