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The Wolf’s Bride Novel Synopsis

“You little b*stard! I don’t care what Wolf King you are in some Western Frontline! You have to go to Sumeria and marry the daughter of the Crestfalls, Luna!
“Her grandpa saved me ten years ago and I’ve promised him that you will marry her! The half piece of jade is a token for the marriage. I have also written the Crestfalls’ address on the letter and included Luna’s picture and contact number. You’d better go there to marry the girl!
“If you don’t bring back a healthy grandson to me next year, I will kick your ass in front of your men!”
Looking at the crumpled letter in his hand, Andrius did not know whether to laugh or cry. He was on a plane when he read the letter his master sent him.
His master, Old Hagstorm, was the only man in the entire Florence to have the nerve to kick the Wolf King in front of his men,

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The Wolf’s Bride Chapter 1 – 10

The Wolf’s Bride Chapter 11 – 20

The Wolf’s Bride Chapter 21 – 25

The Wolf’s Bride Chapter 26 – 30

The Wolf’s Bride Chapter 31

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