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Novel Synopsis

Susan stared at Harrison in a daze.
She did not understand what exactly had gone wrong.
Just then in the car, a specific phone ringtone suddenly rang.
The phone continued to ring for a long while.
Susan could not endure it anymore and she reminded, “Harrison, your
phone’s ringing.”
She wanted to see how Harrison would explain to Charles.
Harrison had to try her best to control herself to speak calmly to him.
“Harrison, sorry, I’m busy today and I can’t take you home from the hospital.
I’m sorry.” Charles’s gentle voice was heard.
Harrison let out a sarcastic smile.
Charles was going to participate in a selection of “Outstanding and Influential
Youths” a few days later; therefore she had specially gone to the temple to
pray for his success.
The preposterous thing was that, to some extent, she met with the car
accident due to Charles, while this man didn’t give a shit about her.
She had used to make him her priority for everything.
She could stand at the top, yet she had given up everything for him!
“Harrison?” Without receiving her reply, Charles asked more gently.
“I’m fine,” Harrison replied blandly and continued, “I whispered a prayer for your success.”

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