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“Mrs. Heimann, the report is out. I’m sorry to tell you, but you had bone cancer, in its late stage.”
A sharp pang struck Cecilia’s heart, as if half of her heart had been ripped out.
“How much time do I have left?”
Lately, she had been plagued by nosebleeds, restless nights filled with haunting dreams, and intermittent pains in her chest. But she never thought them to be omens for death’s looming.
The doctor’s pen paused in mid-air. “Roughly three months.”

The news made Cecilia plummeted into a deep abyss, as if a thunderbolt had shattered the clear sky right upon her, and dark clouds overshadowing her whole life.
She rose abruptly, a flurry of panic urging her to escape from here.
Just a week ago, Cecilia’s mother had been diagnosed with a malignant tumor,

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Exchange My Life for Your Heart Chapter 1 – 5

Exchange My Life for Your Heart Chapter 6 -10

Exchange My Life for Your Heart Chapter 11 – 13


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