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An apparent heir to a dynasty but nobody would know as he has in no way appeared like one but it is who he is, an heir to a multi-billion dollar family. The Heir is a Chinese novel that has been translated and popularised online by English Translation apps.

In this page, I will be posting chapters of The Heir for you to read or download online.


A man was standing in front of the hospital, dressed like a beggar. Who would expect that he was the heir to a top financial group with one hundred billion property? A Full Introduction “If I don’t work hard, I have no choice but to come back home to inherit trillion-dollar family property. But what about my dream?” As an heir to a top wealth family, Jason Smith was upset about it. He felt it was a burden to him, so he escaped from it…


The Heir Chapter 1 – 115

The Heir Chapter 116 – 143

The Heir Chapter 144 – 147

The Heir Chapter 148 – 152

The Heir Chapter 153 – 156

The Heir Chapter 157 – 160

The Heir Chapter 161 – 165

The Heir Chapter 166 – 170

The Heir Chapter 171 – 175

The Heir Chapter 176 – 189

The Heir Chapter 190 – 227

The Heir Chapter 228 – 254

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