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Soon the sun started to rise with its rays penetrating the windows washing over her face, it was as if her face was golden with glow. She then opened her eyes and instinctively looked down her body only to find that she was n.aked, her head throbbed with pain from all the alcohol she had drank at the club the previous night. Her body ached excruciatingly, especially her lower abdomen, she then turn over to find patches of blood on the sheets, which proved her suspensions. She then glanced across the room but no was there besides her.
“How much alcohol did i drink last night”
She said this while picking up her clothes and putting them on, she then dashed to the bathroom to wash her face, she then looked at herself in the mirror mockingly and that is when she saw a ring on her finger. Snippets of what had transpired the previous night came back flooding. Yes she was now a gone girl!!
“what the….. Heck right now is not the time to stress myself about these” she then walked out fortunately for her there was a cab which just dropped off someone in the neighborhood, so she hailed it and drove to her apartment inthe city. When she reached the door, she took out her keys and unlocked the door. She then walked in only to find Lisa and Stacey inside.
“hey what are you doing here, how did you guys even manage to get in”
Lisa took out her spare keys and swing them in Ciara’s face. ” duuuh you gave these to me, remember?”

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The Wife I Never Met Chapter 1 – 5

The Wife I Never Met Chapter 6 – 10


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