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A full moon brings a special kind of joy and excitement when we see it. It brightens and beautifies our dark nights and thus it would be crazily absurd to want to reject it. In Rejected Luna this is what Luna Michelle encountered. Read full story here.

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Luna Michelle startled me when I walked out of Mason’s bedroom with the empty tray of metal in my hands.
She was standing just in front of me.


“What are you doing, Clara?” She asked, narrowing her silver eyes with that expression of I know what you did, child!
“Nothing special, Luna! Just picking up the dirty dishes from the rooms.
I am taking them to the kitchen now!” My face is getting hot and red from embarrassment.

My pale skin does not help. I cannot ever hide embarrassment from my face! At least my voice came right.
I told myself, “Calm down, Clara Black!” Breathe!

Rejected Luna Chapter 1 – 5


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