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Synopsis of The Broken Mate Novel.

“Deep Breaths, Molly. Deep Breaths.” I say to myself in the mirror as I place my white gold and diamond ear ring in my ear. My dad gave these to me on my 18th birthday, the birthday they hoped I would find my mate, but that was 4 years ago. I’ve spent every day since attempting to avoid meeting anyone who could possibly be my mate to be sure I avoid the pain of their rejection. I check my hair, falling in perfect dark waves down my back and touch up my nude lipstick one last time before I slip into my sage green dress and head downstairs. Today my brother Robbie will officially be named Alpha Robert of the Lunar Falls Pack. All the Alphas of nearby packs are expected to be in attendance, and some from further decided to make the trip when word spread that the Royal Wolves would be in attendance. I had hoped to just stay in the kitchens, avoiding anyone of any importance, but since the Royal family will be here, I’ll be put on display. This is how I ended up here actually looking presentable in a dress my mother selected because it “really brings out my eyes. I roll my eyes at the memory of my mother coming in with an arm full of dresses for me to try, acting as if the King and Queen coming was something special and that she wasn’t the best of friends with Queen Audrey and my father didn’t complete his Alpha training with King Peter 30 years ago. She was right though. The color of the dress did make my light green eyes pop, and the cut was very flattering on my curves. My mother doesn’t understand though, just how much I hate my eyes to shine their light green when we’re all together. I’m the oldest child- they think. See, my birthday isn’t my actual birthday, but my gotcha day as my dad likes to call it. 16 years ago my dad was helping on patrol and found me curled in a ball asleep under a tree right on the edge of the pack territory. There was no one around, and no scent to follow. He took me back to the pack house and I stayed with them while they searched for where I came from.

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The Broken Mate Chapter 1 – 5

The Broken Mate Chapter 6 – 10

The Broken Mate Chapter 11


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